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Gallagher Asphalt has earned the reputation of being customer-focused by dedicating personnel to handle our retail customers’ needs and instilling an internal culture that places our retail customers on the front burner. For decades, we have strived to provide QSV—Quality, Service and Value—day in and day out. Please contact Denise Remec at 708.878.9259 or .

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Use our convenient calculator to estimate how many tons of asphalt you will need for your project. Simply enter the width, length and thickness and press "Get Estimate" to get a figure for your project. All calculations are done at a standard 145 lbs/cubic ft. Actual densities may vary, and a number of factors can influence the exact quantities needed for your particular job. If you are unsure about your needs, please contact one of our sales representatives for help with an accurate product estimate.

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If materials testing is required, please contact Chicago Testing Laboratory direct at 708.877.1801.

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Warm-Mix Asphalt

Warm-mix asphalt is a state-approved technology that allows hot-mix asphalt producers to mix pavement materials cooler than traditional mixing at an asphalt plant. The change in temperature may seem insignificant, but the benefits are quite the opposite. Environmental benefits include production at lower temperatures, and means less smoke and a noticeable lack of fumes, which makes it safer for workers at a job site.

Performance benefits include less effort to mix and compact warm-mix asphalt, thus increasing production efficiency during the mixing, paving, and rolling operations. Less effort to compact during cooler weather ensures the rolling operation is still able to achieve good compaction. In addition, lower mixing temperatures at the asphalt plant lessens the aging of the liquid asphalt cement as it is mixed, thus allowing for a longer pavement lifespan. Because warm-mix asphalt technologies result in less effort to compact the mix, they are typically referred to as compaction aids. Better compaction increases performance of asphalt pavements.

Download our Warm-Mix Asphalt Fact Sheet to learn about all the benefits of this technology.