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Walmart Bulk Distribution Center

Elwood, IL

Walmart thinks big! Their new Elwood Bulk Distribution Center is comprised of two warehouses, approximately 1,500,000 square feet each, with roughly 200 truck bays, and enough parking to accommodate 2,000 semis each and every day! That’s one tall order, but nothing Gallagher couldn’t handle. Within the four-month time frame of the project, Gallagher provided an extensive range of construction and paving services, including but not limited to:

Truck Access Paving
6″ Aggregate Base
5″ Base Course Asphalt
3″ Binder Course Asphalt
3″ Surface Course Asphalt
Fire Lane Paving
10″ Aggregate Base
2″ Base Course Asphalt
2″ Surface Course Asphalt
Parking Lot(s) Paving
8″ Aggregate Base
1-1/2″ Base Course Asphalt
1-1/2″ Surface Course Asphalt

The main access thoroughfares and semi-trailer parking areas are designed to provide years of trouble-free, durable service, while accommodating the tremendous freight load stress that such a facility will endure. In fact, long-term reliability was the very reason why Gallagher was awarded the job.

Client: Walmart

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